“Tim had been living with lower back pain, numbness in his legs, and foot pain. He had been noticing these issues as soon as he got out of bed on a daily basis for a year. Tim had previously tried to get relief from Mercy Clinic, had an MRI, and visited the pain doctor. “I no longer have numbness or foot pain and my lower back pain is under control with no pain meds.” “Dr. Tony is very caring and professional, a real asset to the community!”

“Karen began care after she broke her foot, sprained her knee, and had been experiencing lower back and neck pain for over 10 years. Karen’s life was greatly effected as she had difficulty lifting, walking, and frequently lost sleep. John had been going through neck and back pain daily for over 10 years as well. He frequently lost sleep and had difficulty lifting as he experienced pain on a daily basis. “Both of us have our pain under control and we can do our daily activities and more. Dr. Tony is awesome and has made our lives much more complete. We feel healthy and are better able to enjoy an active retirement.”
John & Karen

Cindy had previously worked in an office for 36 years and sat in a chair for about 95% of that time. Her back felt so compressed and she experienced pain while sitting, standing, and sleeping. Her neck and shoulders were so stiff/sore and she just assumed that she would have to live that way. “Dr. Tony thoroughly explained my x-rays and exam to me so that we could develop a comprehensive path to help me with my problems and pain.” “Dr. Tony explained every adjustment, what he was doing, and how it will help with a particular problem that is causing the pain.” “The attitude of Dr. Tony is so family friendly and it is obvious they care for each person!