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What We Offer

We have invested fully in our practic to ensure the health of our Practice Members with Insight Millenium Sublaxtion Station. The Insight is certified by the Space Foundation and co-founded with NASA. This technology allows us to monitor and manage subluxations by objectively evaluating the nerve function. It is painless, non-invasice, safe for children and expecting mothers and easy to understand. You probably know your cholesterol and your blood pressure - WHY don't you know your CoreScore? We can tell you your CoreScore, and more importantly we can tell you what it means ans how to improve it!

Our high frequency x-ray machine allows us to expedite that examination process without sacrificing quality. The high frequency machine also provides minimal radiation exposure. High quality x-rays allow us to be certain that chiropractic care is right for you, let our doctors show you exactly where the causes of your health concerns are and ultimately gives you the most specific care possible.

We utilize the Foot Levelers Associate Platinum V7 digital foot scanner to evaluate your foundation. This technology allows us to know exactly where you place pressure on your feet. Your feet are shock absorbers for your body and when they aren't functioning correctly, the forces they are supporse to absorb get absorbed by the other joints in your body. Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers allow you to stabilize your foundation so the work we do can have longer and more beneficial effects on your health.

Dr.'s Heather Bria and Tony Skemp learned such a strong arsenal of techniques at Palmer College of Chiropractic that it has become known throughout the chiropractic profession as the renowned "Palmer Package." This group of very specific techniques provides us with the expertise needed to evaluate teh structure of your body and give you the superior adjustment that will get you healing and functioning as qucikly as possible.

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