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Tim had been living with lower back pain, numbness in his legs, and foot pain. He had been noticing these issues as soon as he got out of bed on a daily basis for a year. Tim had previously tried to get relief from Mercy Clinic, had an MRI, and visited the pain doctor. "I no longer have numbness or foot pain and my lower back pain is under control with no pain meds." "Dr. Tony is very caring and professional, a real asset to the community!"


Cindy had previously worked in an office for 36 years and sat in a chair for about 95% of that time. Her back felt so compressed and she experienced pain while sitting, standing, and sleeping. Her neck and shoulders were so stiff/sore and she just assumed that she would have to live that way. "Dr. Tony thoroughly explained my x-rays and exam to me so that we could develop a comprehensive path to help me with my problems and pain." "Dr. Tony explained every adjustment, what he was doing, and how it will help with a particular problem that is causing the pain." "The attitude of Dr. Tony & Jenny is so family friendly and it is obvious they care for each person!"


Karen began care after she broke her foot, sprained her knee, and had been experiencing lower back and neck pain for over 10 years. Karen's life was greatly effected as she had difficulty lifting, walking, and frequently lost sleep. John had been going through neck and back pain daily for over 10 years as well. He frequently lost sleep and had difficulty lifting as he experienced pain on a daily basis. "Both of us have our pain under control and we can do our daily activities and more. Dr. Tony & Jenny are awesome and have made our live much more complete. We feel healthy and are better able to enjoy an active retirement."

-John & Karen

Linda was constantly having pain in her leg and back when she decided to start chiropractic care. At that time, she was utilizing pain meds and preparing to see a pain specialist with the possibility of resulting to injections. due to the pain she was miserable, incontinent and had lost her quality of life. Linda no longer takes pain pills, no injections were needed, no longer incontinent, and regained her ability to stand and walk further. "Thank you Dr. Tony!"


"We had just moved into the Elkhorn area and were looking for a new family chiropractor to care for us and our six children. Michelle and I both have neck and low back problems. Michelle had been in a car crash as a teenager and i had done damage to my spine over years of playing sports." Before chiropractic, Tim was on muscle relaxers for a year and using every over the counter product to deal with the pain. Michelle had frequent headaches and the scar tissue in her shoulder from the accident often prevented her from lifting things, especially the kids. Tim rarely got more than 4 hours of sleep at night without waking up in great pain. "we had a wonderful chiropractor in Illinois and moving to Elkhorn caused us to have to look for another. we are so glad we found apex and Dr. Tony. the regular adjustments and personal care have continued to allow us the mobility, sleep, and health we have been blessed to experience. also, knowing our children are getting excellent health care at a young age is such a great blessing"


Marie constantly experienced back, hip, shoulder & left knee pain. These issues were going on for more than four years as Marie utilized pain pills and shots in her knee to alleviate the pain. This impacted her life greatly as she was no longer able to do the things that are most important to her such as playing with her grandchildren. After Marie started on a care plan, she's able to move much better and no longer has any pain. "i'm 81 years old and can get down on the floor and get up with no problem!"


"There were a few situations that were going on before I started going to Dr. Tony for help. In college, I was diagnosed with Neurocardiogenic Syncope and Post Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. these are conditions that affect how the brain and heart communicate and the distribution of oxygen in the bloodstream. I was having several episodes of collapsing and passing out after I was involved in a bad car accident. A few months after I started having back problems, shoulder problems, and everything in between. These conditions bothered me for years in the beginning and prevented me from exercising, doing my job, and prevented me from living life on my terms. Before I started care with Dr. Tony, I was struggling for 10 years + and no one could figure out why. I had surgeries, was put on a variety of medications to "fix" the problems I had been suffering with. These conditions prevented me from staying in shape, caused depression and anger from never getting answers. I was frustrated and quit doing all the things I enjoyed. Dr. Tony found the answers to the questions I had -he told me the straight facts and explained how everything was connected together and how we can fix the problem, not just find a temporary solution. It was a team effort to get where I am today and I couldn't have done it without him. He believed in the possibilities of what my future could hold if I was just willing to try. Starting chiropractic care with Dr. Tony has literally changed my life, I am back to hiking, biking, and doing all things I once enjoyed. Because of his persistence and care, each day I am one step closer to getting the life I dreamed of."


"I first met Dr. Tony a little over a year ago at the Women's Resource Fair in Lake Geneva. i didn't really have any specific medical conditions, but I did have some tightness in my neck and shoulders. Dr. Tony showed me some trouble areas I had and I came into the office for a thorough exam. With x-rays, Dr. Tony was able to show me just how out of alignment my spine had become over many years of working in an office, sitting at a computer for 8-12 hours a day. Since I began seeing Dr. Tony, I have noticed a greater range of motion available when I turn my head, and reduced tension in my shoulders. The whole office is a delight to visit, and the Apex team really treats their practice members like friends and family."


Julia had lower back pain every day for years and had tried other chiropractors and massage therapy. She was unable to play with her grandson like she wanted to and it hurt to sit, walk and work. Julia is now able to do things with more movement and sleeps better. "I look forward to my adjustments and Dr. Tony doesn't hurt me like other chiropractors have and Apex has a great team."


Cecil had been experiencing a stiff neck and shoulder pain every day for a year. It was difficult for him to turn his head to back up his vehicle, he quit playing golf and couldn't raise his arm over his head. He now has complete movement of his neck, shoulder and arm without pain.


Carleigh had hip, lower back and knee pain every day for 10 years and tried physical therapy prior to chiropractic care. She couldn't play sports and it was hard for her to stand for too long. Carleigh is able to play sports again and she's no longer in constant pain. "Dr. Tony does an amazing job. He cares about his practice members and I know I'll be functioning better than when I came in."


The Lavdas and Recob family started on their journey to a lifetime of wellness in 2014. Charlotte was experiencing diabetic neuropathy and sciatica. Michael experiences the effects of autism/ADHD and Cody has austism and anxiety as well. America was having issues with her tailbone and an ankle sprain and Becca was having problems with COPD, emphysema, asthma, migraines and seizures. Charlotte's condition made it hard to sit and drive for her job because of the pain and it affected her sleep as well. Michael was having negative behaviors in school and America couldn't play the sports that she wanted to. Cody was having problems coping with his high anxiety and Becca was tired all the time and not able to work. "After seeking care at Apex, I no longer has issues with diabetic neuropathy and my sciatica is nearly gone. I'm able to walk and drive for longer periods of time for work now. Michael is functioning better and is having more positive behaviors. In a short time, Cody's anxiety is already less bothersome and America's tailbone is much better and her ankle sprain healed much faster than her medical doctor said that it would. In a few short weeks of starting care, Becca hasn't had a seizure and her migraines have lessened."


"I've experienced lower back pain on a regular basis for 10 years prior to chiropractic care. I had little to no results with other avenues and treatments. I'm very happy with Dr. Tony as any issues are addressed and we are definitely feeling & functioning better. I had read about the positive effects of chiropractic care for children and wanted it for my children as well."

- Laina

"I've had neck and back pain daily for 4 years. Prior to chiropractic I tried acupuncture and massage therapy. Chiropractic has greatly improved my problem areas and has made me able to function better at work. Dr. Tony is the first one my family chooses to see for any condition!"


"I was experiencing nerve pain shooting down my left arm on a daily basis. I was unable to lift anything, couldn't sleep on my left side and couldn't move my arm. I chose chiropractic treatment for my condition because it is the most natural & drug free choice. Chiropractic is the best! It has also helped my son with sinus congestion/ear infections and prevents my children from having to use antibiotics."


"I started treatment at Apex Family Chiropractic after experiencing neck and back pain for many years. I previously tried treatment with another chiropractor but didn't have any relief. I can now work pain-free on the farm and I'm able to exercise like I use to. Dr. Tony does a great job with our whole family"


"I recently had a torn hamstring injury and experienced back pain for 3 years. For my back pain I previously tried electrode stimulation therapy, steroid shots and two other chiropractors. I wasn't able to exercise at all and even walking hurt. Dr. Tony consistently helps me to continue to find great function and I'm able to do everything I want to now without pain. He goes out of his way to give me great care and always has a great attitude."


"I had back/neck/shoulder and arm pain very often after I started playing sports. I have tried treatments with another chiropractor and massage therapy as I was unable to work out as often or pitch in softball as much as I wanted. Dr. Tony has kept my shoulder in line and eliminated the pain in my neck and back as I continue to pitch a lot with my softball career. I love the team at Apex Family Chiropractic"


"For many years I have suffered from lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, anxiety, asthma and arthritis. I had tried acupuncture, physical therapy, surgeries, MRI's and prescriptions for these conditions as I was unable to do just about everything in my daily life. With chiropractic care at Apex Family Chiropractic, my pain has reduced tremendously and I can walk and breathe better with my asthma."


"I've experienced pinching in the middle of my left rib for 2-3 years. I was unable to do a lot of lifting or reaching during normal daily activities. My treatment has brought back my ability to do daily activities without discomfort or pain. Our families overall health is so much better with chiropractic care."


"I suffered from horrible back pain that bothered me for years. I couldn't perform any bending or lifting because the hot/cold therapy and over the counter analgesics weren't working. After starting my treatment at Apex, I've been pain free and totally mobile. We are truly treated like part of the family at Apex Family Chiropractic. My whole family is now on a journey towards wellness."


"I was living with back pain and headaches a couple times a week for years. I've been taking Tylenol constantly to manage my headaches as they made my work and daily activities more difficult to do. It wasn't just the pain or relief from headaches that Dr. Tony has helped with, chiropractic has made me want to live a healthier life."


"Before chiropractic care at Apex, I had lower back and right shoulder pain frequently for many years. I was unable to throw a baseball/football or do any heavy lifting. The chiropractic treatment at Apex is great and has made me a healthier person. I'm now able to perform better in sports and have regained my ability to do heavy lifting and have even became more flexible.


"I had been struggling with pain in my left shoulder and back all day long for many weeks. I tried using icy hot and medications to control the pain as I couldn't get out of bed in the morning. Chiropractic has helped me regain my life back and do more of the activities I love."


"My life was extremely effected by headaches and shoulder pain that occurred three times a week for a year. I was unable to play baseball and football. I have no shoulder pain now and everyone at Apex Family Chiropractic is so nice and Dr. Tony is a phenomenal chiropractor!"


"I have right shoulder pain everyday that is work related. At its worst, I'm unable to lift objects or turn my head to the right. After starting my care plan at Apex, I'm able to continue working and have become proactive with my care to prevent episodes like this again. Apex Family Chiropractic is friendly, caring and helpful. Dr. Tony takes time to listen to you and is very kid friendly."


"When I was expecting my son, I had lower back & knee pain that intensified with my pregnancy. I was unable to walk a lot or bend over. The pain meds didn't work very effectively and the pain returned as soon as I didn't take them. It was amazing how fast I got relief with chiropractic care. I couldn't imagine going through my pregnancy without seeing Dr. Tony."


"For 10 years I had back and hip pain and my life was suffering due to the pain level. It was hard for me to be a mom because I was unable to hold my baby all the time. Apex Family Chiropractic has changed my life and has made it possible for my body to function at its optimal again."


"I had lower back and neck pain daily for a long time. I tried medication & ice/heat therapy and was still in pain everyday from doing daily activities. Thank you Dr. Tony & Jenny for showing me how badly I needed chiropractic care, I no longer live my life in pain!"


"Since 2002 I had sharp pains that would shoot up my neck/shoulders whenever I would lay flat on my stomach or back. I enjoy reading but was unable to for long periods of time because I would get headaches. I also couldn't stand too long & always had to use a back support. Now, I no longer have headaches or lower back pain. Our family is so pleased with our decision to achieve wellness at Apex. The Apex team has been so nice to us & are truly a blessing. Our faith is very important to us and we see the Apex team's faith shine everyday in their practice. They're so good with kids and make their practice very kid friendly."


"For years I've experienced general soreness in my legs/hips & shortness in breath while running. It's been difficult to improve my 5K run times & keep up with my children. Now, my soreness has greatly decreased & my hips are adjusted making it easier to run pain free. My shortness of breath has been alleviated as well. Chiropractic has allowed me to keep up with my daughters in a 5K race. Apex has been a great experience for our family, allowing us to stay active & be well together."


"At the beginning of the year my right shoulder started bothering me and made me unable to throw a softball as well as I used to. My care at Apex has made me able to achieve wellness & has brought back my ability to play softball well again.


"I had a torn hip flexor that never fully recovered. Prior to chiropractic I had tried physical therapy, pain medications & braces. My hip had still been hurting me for 8-9 months before starting care at Apex. My pain really affected my life as I was unable to perform during softball/volleyball, jumping, running, sitting in a car for too long and dancing. After starting my care plan at Apex, I don't feel any pain in my hip and had forgotten that I even had a torn hip. Surgery was a possible option but I'm so glad I didn't go through with it. Getting adjusted is safe and very effective. Chiropractic allowed me to get back to my very active life!"


"For several years I've experienced neck/shoulder/hip pain & muscles spasms on a daily basis. I had tried using ice, massage therapy, pain relievers & other chiropractors but was still unable to do computer work or exercise. My care plan at Apex has relieved my pain and eliminated my muscle spasms."


"I was suffering from tennis elbow and a sore shoulder that was constant for 6 months. I tried pain medication for relief but I was unable to exercise, do any lifting or catch a softball. I'm experiencing great improvement with my care plan as I'm and getting closer to reaching wellness. Apex does a great job with reserving time for me around my schedule."


"Prior to starting a care plan at Apex, I experienced lower back pain 24 hours a day for 8 months. I had tried other chiropractors and massage therapy while I was still unable to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time. Dr Tony is very gentle when adjusting & never forces an adjustment."


"Since 2004 I suffered from constant neck pain. Prior to starting on my care plan in 2013, I tried physical therapy and series of cortisone injections to relieve the pain but I was unable to turn my head or do any lifting. I now have no pain and have gained more body movement. I also had a trigger thumb that Dr. Tony worked on and eliminated the pain and clicking. My body is functioning and feeling so much better"


"For 10 years I experienced lower back pain on a daily basis. It was really hard to do daily activities as it hurt whenever I moved. After starting on my care plan I'm able to live life now almost pain free. Dr. Tony is great! He really listens to what you have to say and comes up with a plan for a healthy recovery. My kids; Hannah & Jacob get adjusted regularly so that they stay healthy as well."


"I had constant knee pain for 6-8 months. I utilized a walker, crutches, cortisone shots & physical therapy in attempt to relieve my pain. I was unable to get out of a chair without pushing with my arms and I was only able to go up and down stairs with alternating feet. After starting my care at Apex, I'm able to get out of a chair and car without using my arms and I can go up and down stairs normally again. It's been several years since I've had chiropractic care. One day I was struck by the fact that my overall health had increased. My sinus headaches have all disappeared and no winter colds have come my way!"


"Over the past 30 years I've been a waitress, hairstylist, and a nurse. That's alot of years of being on my feet. My feet were the first thing to start bothering me. From waiting tables to working as a nurse in a hospital setting, the pain in my feet worsened. My doctors were unable to pinpoint the cause of my neck and back pain. X-rays and MRIs never revealed any problems. I was just told to take Tylenol and ibuprofen. I wanted a remedy, not a pill. I just endured the pain. Eventually, the pain started causing so much fatigue. It wore me out to the point where all I wanted to do was sleep and I needed help. I've been going to the Women's Resource Fair for many years and have talked to many of the chiropractors that were present & met Dr. Tony there. I went to Apex, had my consultation & he was able to show me my problems very quickly. I decided to give chiropractic treatment a try. It's been a year and Im so glad that I did. Dr. Tony has helped me with all of my pain issues and has helped me function better. Everyone at Apex is so very nice & they go above and beyond to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I'm very grateful to have Apex Family Chiropractic in my life."


"I was constantly suffering from a stiff neck/low back and pain down my leg. This problem has been bothering me on and off again for the past 12 years. The pain really limited my ability to work out and made it difficult to play different sports. My care at Apex has helped loosen up my my lower back and lessen my pain. My neck has been able to gain some mobility as well. I really enjoy Apex Family Chiropractic. The team is friendly and show they care about you. They really worked with getting me back on track when I had an unexpected set back."


Dan had been experiencing neck pain that occurred all the time for 3 years and occasional tingling in his finger for the pas year. He was also tired a lot and irritable. After starting on his care plan, Dan's pain is gone and he's now sleeping much better too. Cori started seeing Dr. Tony after she found out she was expecting their 2nd child. Cori followed her care plan for the duration of her pregnancy. Her care helped reduced her hear burn levels at night. As her prenancy progressed, Cori started to experience pain with her pelvis slipping while she repositioned herself at night. She noticed immediate results after her adjustments and was able to get a better quality of sleep. Cori had a very fast and easy delivery of her child that her obstetrician agreed that chiropractic care during pregnancy attributed to a great delivery experience for her. Hunter enjoys his weekly "back massages" from Dr. Tony while Max first got checked at 4 days old for subluxations caused from birth and received his first chiropractic adjustment. Max has since received adjustments as he continues to grow, especially when he experienced early signs of torticollis.

Dan, Cori, Hunter & Max Hansen

"I was experiencing occasional lower back pain and constant pain/grinding in my left shoulder. My shoulder has been bothering me since 2004 and the back pain for the past couple of years. I've tried taking ibuprofen, physical therapy and deep tissue massages to help with the pain. My shoulder has affected me the most as it puts a strain on the types of physical activities I can do. Dr. Tony has helped me wake up without pain and has provided me with suggestions to use so that I may work out without pain. Jenny & Dr. Tony have always been helpful and kind."


"I had a lot of back pain due to arthritis and it bothered me mostly while walking. I had been experiencing it for 2-3 years and was using pain pills because I got to the point that I didn't like to go places that I had to walk alot. Dr. Tony has helped me get relief from the pain and function better. I enjoy the atmosphere at Apex and the team is very good at what they do."


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